Review : Scottish Leader ‘Original’

Realising that consumers nowadays are becoming more and more cognizant of the multitude of genres, brands and expressions, several distilleries/distributors are willing to experiment with brands that might not necessarily come with celeb status, but nevertheless have a proven track record back home. Unfortunately, many of these lay bullied into obscurity as larger, more popular … Continue reading Review : Scottish Leader ‘Original’

Review : Jim Beam Original

Over 220 plus years of bourbon history started by the son of a German immigrant all began at the ‘Old Tub’ family distillery, now better known as the Jim Beam distillery. Passed from one generation to another, a total of seven, and very much still a family owned business, this rebranding took place after prohibition. … Continue reading Review : Jim Beam Original

That disease called ‘Alcoholism’

A faint recurrent beep in the background unhinged the man while he lay in deep slumber and as his eyes opened against their will, the blur of green lines and the underlying fatigue quietly pulled him back into unconsciousness. A faint pull on the cheeks, what seemed like a gentle smile was accompanied by a slight … Continue reading That disease called ‘Alcoholism’

Review : Glengoyne 10 Years

This cusp of a whisky – partly Highland for its distillery and Lowland for its warehouses is one of the few that are still very much family owned. And it is this fact that allows the Glengoyne (meaning 'valley of the wild geese') to stay true to their traditions, those that have been passed from … Continue reading Review : Glengoyne 10 Years

Review : The Glenlivet Nadurra First Fill American Oak 16 Years

It is said that upwards of 60% of a whisky's flavor comes from the wood that houses it. Which would mean a lot of its viscosity, feel, balance and smoothness would be defined by this very relationship. And let’s not forget those felt on the palate- the degree of spice, the influence of sherry, the … Continue reading Review : The Glenlivet Nadurra First Fill American Oak 16 Years

Review : Amrut Amalgam

Indian whisky has spent much of its time in the shadows of obscurity, battling a dysfunctional, highly aberrant whisky production system, lacking quality control and an absence of any such handbook of sorts. The good news however is and there are a handful of distillers (more like a pinch really!) that are doing a great … Continue reading Review : Amrut Amalgam

Review : Chivas Regal 12 Years

The everyday whisky – that go to colleague after a hard day’s work; that chum, that ally that brings calm to a rather stormy day or one that's easy on the wallet. And it's not any average Joe that can meet this criteria; this bullion distilled brew has to be in a sense multifaceted – interesting … Continue reading Review : Chivas Regal 12 Years

Review : Ardbeg 10 Year Old

If you were to spark a dialogue with some random whisky peat buff, chances are along with the regular mention of the word ‘Islay’ you would in all likelihood encounter the Ardbeg brand name at least once during the conversation. And why not?! The distillery produces some of the smokiest whiskies, occupying the upper half … Continue reading Review : Ardbeg 10 Year Old

Whiskey-Beer Appreciation – Jameson Irish Whiskey @Effingut

A massive face, curly moustache, a thick beard, and colored shades powered by neon lights looked down upon us as we made our way through the entrance and into the mezzanine. What stood before us was most pleasant and a sight for sore eyes. To our left lay this wall, all black and grey, packed … Continue reading Whiskey-Beer Appreciation – Jameson Irish Whiskey @Effingut

Review : Paul John Edited

King’s beer, Feni, beaches, shacks, psychedelic trance parties...all popular nouns, most if not all of the one billion strong would associate with Goa. But hidden away like a needle in a hay stack is a little known secret, the presence of an underdog whose venture into the Single Malt’s world would not exceed beyond the number … Continue reading Review : Paul John Edited