Scotland and Scotch: The Regions

Green scenic pastures, castles, lawn bowling, kilts and bagpipes, are some of the highlights that a few might be cognizant of when the term Scotland comes up in a conversation. But a majority of us might have something different that pops up in our minds every time we hear the word Scotch…oh sorry! Scotland (You … Continue reading Scotland and Scotch: The Regions

Dilemma: How to sip the nip?!

Something that keeps making the rounds when it comes to enjoying your glass of whisky is how one should savor it. There’s quite a spectrum in terms of the options available. There’s always the one where you can have it neat, ‘on the rocks’, with ‘a splash of water’, as a cocktail, or just down … Continue reading Dilemma: How to sip the nip?!

Review : Amrut Fusion

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to brush shoulders with the Amrut Fusion. This relatively young player made an introduction in Glasgow in the year 2004. Coming from the Indian Subcontinent, it had faced stiff competition as most whisky connoisseurs felt Indian whisky to be inferior. A series of blind tasting events changed all that, … Continue reading Review : Amrut Fusion

Review : Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Today was a special day and probably a beginning of a new journey in my otherwise systematic, mundane and repetitive lifestyle. I got myself a date with a beauty who dressed herself in coppery gold. My previous standoffs have been quite fast and speedy, fast come fast go; not a hint of seriousness. But this … Continue reading Review : Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve