Review: Ballantine’s Finest

The Saturday night get-togethers, white noise and laughter in the hallways, angry neighbors, steamy hot kebabs and the clink of flat glasses; a handful of happy memories brought by that unmistakable distinctive arrow shaped label on the dark tanned colored bottle. My relationship with the Finest goes back to a decade; one which we chose … Continue reading Review: Ballantine’s Finest

Review : Teacher’s 50

The Teacher’s brand being almost omnipresent in India amongst the foreign liquors, made sense for it to launch this whisky onto Indian shores to celebrate the countries’  glorious 50th year of Independence. Be it the proportion of malt to grain, or the summation of the many whiskies that made this blend, this sibling from the … Continue reading Review : Teacher’s 50

Tete-a-Tete : Japan & India | Part 2

Saki, incense sticks, honour, kaizen and the way of the Samurai; I’m sure after hearing the second reference you most likely had one of those light bulb moments screaming “Japan”! Oh yes, the Japanese might be famous for Saki and martial arts but there’s a new famous in town! And it's whisky! Japan to me has … Continue reading Tete-a-Tete : Japan & India | Part 2

Tete-a-Tete : The world and Australia | Part 1

Whether enjoyed as a cocktail, or used as a constituent in cooking, sipped as a digestive in a fine ‘n dine restaurant, or while sitting in front of a warm fireplace, whisky enjoys a sort of cult status that very few spirits can even come close to. Be it in sunshine yellow or dark blood, … Continue reading Tete-a-Tete : The world and Australia | Part 1

Review : Teacher’s Origin

The Teachers brand has been existent in the Indian Subcontinent for quite some time and popular too! Not only was it the first international-level scotch blend that was introduced in India, it also held the coveted title of the most popular premium brand available for quite a while. Teachers in India are popular for bringing … Continue reading Review : Teacher’s Origin