Review : Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt

Never before have I waited this long for a bottle that I’ve heard so much about. Since my interest for whisky had spurred a different direction and the mysteries of the Japanese juice had made rounds in the various books, forums and websites; I had my mind set in getting a taste of that oriental … Continue reading Review : Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt

Review : Jameson’s Original

With Christmas and the New Year nearing by, I certainly didn't want to pen a review on the usual Scotch or Bourbon. And it was then that I had realised something rather dumbfounded and to be quite honest …stupid! I kept telling myself how could I be so daft that I happened to overlook one … Continue reading Review : Jameson’s Original

Review : Old Smuggler Blended Scotch

Hidden behind dark silhouettes, held gently by a few cobwebs and sprinkled with dust from the years of abandonment, was this nostalgic bulbous bottle with clear antiquated fonts. And if it was not for the lighting and the resulting hint of gold that caught my eyes, chances are this bottle might not have seen the … Continue reading Review : Old Smuggler Blended Scotch

The Wood in Whisky

Every once in a while at the liquor store, I get stumped each time I come across whiskies that are tagged with sometimes mind numbing phrases such as being Solera Vatted, or matured in Triple Casks, PX or Select Casks.  And I’m sure other novice drinkers like me do find themselves in the same predicament … Continue reading The Wood in Whisky