Review : Johnnie Walker Double Black

Great whisky does not have to be top dollar; and to amass a number worthy fan following doesn't require it to be a single malt either- The Johnnie Walker Black Label. This blended scotch has successfully captured the Highlands and the West Coast with decent complexity without really drilling a hole in your pocket, and … Continue reading Review : Johnnie Walker Double Black

Review : Auchentoshan Springwood Single Malt

Distillers and distilleries alike have had their fair share of bankruptcies, sell offs, acquisitions and buy outs; and though not many, several of them have stood through the sands of time – Auchentoshan (pronounced Ock-un-tosh-un) being one such example. The distillery was set up in 1823 by John Bullock, a local merchant. Five years past … Continue reading Review : Auchentoshan Springwood Single Malt