That disease called ‘Alcoholism’

A faint recurrent beep in the background unhinged the man while he lay in deep slumber and as his eyes opened against their will, the blur of green lines and the underlying fatigue quietly pulled him back into unconsciousness. A faint pull on the cheeks, what seemed like a gentle smile was accompanied by a slight … Continue reading That disease called ‘Alcoholism’

Whiskey-Beer Appreciation – Jameson Irish Whiskey @Effingut

A massive face, curly moustache, a thick beard, and colored shades powered by neon lights looked down upon us as we made our way through the entrance and into the mezzanine. What stood before us was most pleasant and a sight for sore eyes. To our left lay this wall, all black and grey, packed … Continue reading Whiskey-Beer Appreciation – Jameson Irish Whiskey @Effingut

Fun Facts – Japanese Whisky

In continuation to our whisky fun facts write up, I thought of including another post that involves a genre  that had critics and distillers alike left in awe, jaws dropped and taken aback. The awards were almost always 'reserved' for the Scots and the Irish, but all heads turned towards this entrant from the East … Continue reading Fun Facts – Japanese Whisky

Whisk’?’y – Fun Facts!

From time to time, I get asked a few queries regarding whiskies and everything around it and so I thought it best to take some time out and pen some content around these queries themselves! I’m hoping you find this pleasant and insightful!  *fingers crossed*  1. Whisk’?’y  -To ‘e’ or not to ‘e’ ?! To start with, … Continue reading Whisk’?’y – Fun Facts!

To etch or not to etch…

Two brands, two different prices, how must you decide? Certainly not one of those instances where you would leave the decision to a game of “Eeny meeny miny moe…” Consider a situation where you're in a predicament and you need to single out a phone for yourself. Do you set your eyes on the latest … Continue reading To etch or not to etch…

Whisky – Gulf & all that’s in between!

Deep reservoirs of oil, the need for building infrastructure and an open door trade policy to the outside world meant the possibility for a wide variety of global brands to identify prospects in the sand clad lands of the gulf. And for a region that only three generations back was inhabited mostly by nomadic tribesman … Continue reading Whisky – Gulf & all that’s in between!

The Wood in Whisky

Every once in a while at the liquor store, I get stumped each time I come across whiskies that are tagged with sometimes mind numbing phrases such as being Solera Vatted, or matured in Triple Casks, PX or Select Casks.  And I’m sure other novice drinkers like me do find themselves in the same predicament … Continue reading The Wood in Whisky

An update on my journey…

It’s been over five months since I’ve reformed myself and taken up this new found hobby. And to be honest, I did doubt myself initially as I wasn’t sure how long this last would. But fast forward to the present and I’m still a believer! My friends and coworkers seem to accept me now, and … Continue reading An update on my journey…

Shades of Spirit!

Alcoholic beverages have been around for over thousands of years, with remnants dating as old as 7,000 BC; perhaps even more! Now for a spirit to finally take its form, it requires three basic ingredients: yeast, sugars and water coupled with time. The time allows the yeast to act on these sugars to break them … Continue reading Shades of Spirit!

Tete-a-Tete : Japan & India | Part 2

Saki, incense sticks, honour, kaizen and the way of the Samurai; I’m sure after hearing the second reference you most likely had one of those light bulb moments screaming “Japan”! Oh yes, the Japanese might be famous for Saki and martial arts but there’s a new famous in town! And it's whisky! Japan to me has … Continue reading Tete-a-Tete : Japan & India | Part 2