About Me

Uisce Beatha : Water of Life

The names’ Don Cheriyan aka Donnie, an engineer by day and an amateur whisky taster by night!

I can only define myself as an introvert; but should a whisper of the golden elixir ever reach my ears….behold!! I transform into a three year old ever so bubbling with energy and joy!

Though this is an attempt in personally comprehending and jotting down my experiences with whisky; writing wasn’t (and maybe still isn’t) one of my fortes, but something I ventured into when I myself began to see the spirit differently. And so this is my take on gathering not only a greater understanding but also a way by which we can together share a greater awareness and respect for this otherwise poorly depicted spirit.

And so I welcome you all to my humble tavern, where I invite you to come join me in this adventure exploring the drink itself, the folklore, the many discussions and hot topics that lay in and around the golden spirit.

I am a novice… let me warn you! But I do intend on ensuring we have a journey that is as delightful and memorable as can be!

One ask…Folks, do drink responsibly!


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